Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to Blogger!

So, I used to try to post in this blog on the regular, even though I just started it up, and had to stop to get some shit together, then we finally moved into this apartment that we never got wifi in, so I still couldn't continue like I wanted... That apartment deal had some complications to where it couldn't be permanent, so we just never got cable/internet.  We now found a long term place and we just got our internet and cable up and running and I'm gonna stick around!

Anyway....  I'm going to continue posting and make it more graffiti and urban exploring related.  Expect to see more pictures taken by myself, mostly going to be pictures of freight train graffiti as going to my usual benching spot is something I want to keep doing more on the regular, like I used to a couple years ago.  Still will be posting interesting videos, stories, pictures, etc. that I find.  Peace!